Baddie Recordings is happy to announce the arrival of Raleighwood, the new album by FFFOOLERY.


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Raleighwood is an inspired instrumental hip-hop voyage through G-Funk and live hardware.
— Indy Week



After going broke in Brooklyn getting his band a record deal Thomas Kevin (FFFOOLERY) packed up his things, drove the 500 miles back to his native Raleigh, North Carolina, managed to buy a vintage polysynth, unplugged his computer for over a year, and then stepped into a world of rich harmonic content.

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As a young producer Thomas had helped connect rapper Rapsody to his mentor 9th Wonder. He helped found and produce a hip-hop group (Kooley High) that would reach college radio charts, satellite radio interviews, count millions of YouTube views and Spotify streams, tour the East Coast, sell out shows in their hometown time and again, and ship vinyl through their distributor worldwide. But through all of these highs Thomas never fully felt his story was being told. With the new album, Raleighwood, this story opens, and though beginning on a seemingly upward arc, the tale quickly descends to deep amongst the ancient oaks of his hometown of Raleigh.

Photo by  Erin Breeze .

Photo by Erin Breeze.

Departing from the usual sample-laden sound his listeners have become accustomed to via his prolific work with Kooley High, FFFOOLERY brings us on a voyage through G-funk-inspired melodies and drums, shimmering lo-fi synths, and cleverly placed vocal snippets that sprinkle subtle social commentary and philosophy into the mix. The project is experimental for a hip-hop beat album without going off the deep end into weirdness, taking on a very familiar West Coast vibe. There’s a little bit of Dre, a little bit of The Gap Band, and yes, a little bit of Dilla (for the culture).
— Charles Morse for Indy Week

However you may classify the music, it’s important to FFFOOLERY that listeners know he’s an ally and he comes from...

Photo by  Dalvin Nichols .

Photo by Dalvin Nichols.


Raleighwood features sound clips from healers, thinkers, researchers, psychonauts, and revolutionaries whose perspectives encourage exploration into the nature of life, self, perception,  reality, and history. Malidoma SomΓ©, Joseph Campbell, Suzanne Simard, Terence McKenna, and Rev. Dr. William Barber II were among those whose ideas Raleighwood propagates. Ideas of magick, nature, spirit, and human empowerment inhabit the tracks and comprise another point of entry into the album’s otherwise electric ruminations. Like a time traveler using ancient electronics to dive into the aether, FFFOOLERY encourages us to grapple with the true history of a place, the unique moment of its experience, and our own state of mind.

Meanwhile I also can’t help but think of the life force behind all these trees that are surrounding us and wondering what we can do to respond to whatever call they keep directing at us.
— Malidoma Patrice SomΓ©